World Urban Forum

World Urban Forum
As more countries look to write national urban policies, getting all the right players in a room for a 'national urban forum' is a good place to start.
Gregory Scruggs October 27, 2017
These governments are taking important first steps toward building momentum.
Gregory Scruggs May 31, 2017
La versión actualizada de la estrategia de Hábitat III resulta aún difusa en cuanto a los procesos de seguimiento y revisión.
Eleni Dellas July 11, 2016
The revised version of the Habitat III strategy is still vague on follow-up and review.
Eleni Dellas July 11, 2016
The two-yearly events could soon become a space for countries to report on their Habitat III-related efforts at sustainable urbanization. But hurry: Expressions of interest for the 2020 gathering must be received by 15 July.
Gregory Scruggs June 21, 2016
Next year, the United Nations will approve a new set of goals to guide global development through the year 2030. A goal related to cities is on the list — for now.
Neal Peirce August 14, 2014

The private sector has been largely missing at previous World Urban Forums. Neal Peirce asks if it will be any different this time.

Neal Peirce April 5, 2014
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