World Urban Campaign

World Urban Campaign
Much of the global urban movement is still figuring out how best to move forward following last year’s Habitat III summit.
Gregory Scruggs June 14, 2017
‘The City We Need 2.0’, adopted last month, is the result of one of the most decentralized U.N. processes ever.
Gregory Scruggs April 1, 2016
A series of high-level reports will be made public this month by global stakeholders and experts, constituting major inputs to the first draft of the Habitat III strategy.
Gregory Scruggs March 7, 2016
Ideas are due by 15 February for a document — The City We Need 2.0 — that will comprise key stakeholder input to the drafting of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs January 4, 2016
Draft themes for the summit's “interactive dialogues” initially included reference to each of the goals — except for the urban SDG.
Gregory Scruggs May 13, 2015
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