Women's Safety

Women's Safety
As opposed to simply managing safety, the term implies creating conditions on the ground that can make urban environments secure.
David Hatch March 28, 2017

A mobile app will help Nairobi residents avoid dangerous areas and city leaders boost crime prevention, the Daily Nation reports. 

September 8, 2016
Above all, women want to play a bigger role in how cities are planned and managed.
Gregory Scruggs June 8, 2016
What’s been left out of the Habitat III draft strategy?
May 11, 2016
Advocates hope to scale up ongoing campaign as benchmark against which to measure the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs February 2, 2016
What began as a website where women could report incidents of sexual violence is now reaching for a deeper social impact.
Carlin Carr December 17, 2015
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