United Cities and Local Governments

United Cities and Local Governments
The initiative unveiled a broad vision to break down barriers to local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals — and an expectation of real results.
Carey L. Biron July 18, 2017
UCLG project relaunches by highlighting nearly 70 case studies from five continents.
David Hatch March 22, 2017
The way to do so is by developing a robust indicator under the Sustainable Development Goals.
‘Intermediary’ cities host 70,000 new people a day, a trend expected for decades. But lawmakers have yet to fully recognize this reality.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 18, 2016
On the eve of Habitat III, officials from 500 cities release two new visions of a deeper international role for local authorities.
Gregory Scruggs and Neal Peirce October 16, 2016

City networks have gained favor because they facilitate idea-sharing and public-private partnerships, Nature reports. 

October 5, 2016
As the Habitat III negotiations begin to wind up, discussion builds on how to monitor progress on the new vision in coming decades.
Simone d'Antonio August 17, 2016
At ‘unprecedented’ sessions this week, cities spoke directly with national governments — and decried their status as mere ‘observers’ of the multilateral process.
Gregory Scruggs May 18, 2016
How does the Habitat III draft strategy address local authorities?
May 11, 2016
Through Habitat III, it’s up to national leaders and the international community to take the next step: to share powers, means and responsibilities with local and regional authorities.
Josep Roig May 2, 2016
The Second World Assembly of Local Authorities, created at Habitat II, marks ‘the maturity of the international local and regional governments movement,” one organizer said.
Gregory Scruggs March 17, 2016

The African Forum for Urban Safety will address a rise in crime and violence that has accompanied the continent’s rapid urbanization, UN-Habitat announced.

December 7, 2015
Wading through the knowledge products of the current Habitat process highlights a failure to account for previous pledges.
Joseph Schechla August 7, 2015
Against the odds, the global community agreed on an ‘action agenda’ for financing development. But is it up to the challenges ahead?
New website will track actions by cities, regions and companies for the six months leading up to the Paris talks.
Carey L. Biron June 8, 2015
The time is ripe for the U.N. system to recognize the special status of contributions from local and regional authorities — coming, as they do, from a sphere of government.
Josep Roig April 30, 2015
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