‘Smart’ Cities

‘Smart’ Cities

What’s a ‘smart’ city? There’s no one definition. For many city leaders — and especially the private sector —  the term has become a shorthand for technology that makes cities work better or more efficiently.

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How Indonesia's biggest megacity is making it easier for residents to make their wants and needs heard.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 12, 2017
Frameworks such as the New Urban Agenda bring with them a real risk of reducing citizens to providers of data, one academic warns.
Gregory Scruggs August 25, 2017
A push for 100 ‘smart’ cities is neglecting needs for basic services and putting India’s poorest at risk of eviction, a report says.
Patralekha Chatterjee August 21, 2017
CityTaps aims to overcome the forces that drive water utilities away from serving poor customers in developing cities.
Flavie Halais June 6, 2017
A toolkit launching at this week’s Smart Cities NYC aims to help city leaders apply a more inclusive approach to urban technology.
Christopher Swope May 4, 2017
Mirik Milan says that as cities look to copy the role he made famous, they should hire 'somebody that really knows nightlife'.
Gregory Scruggs May 1, 2017
At a conference known as Urban 95, city leaders consider how cities work for those who are 95 centimetres tall -- the average height of a healthy 3-year old.
Patralekha Chatterjee April 21, 2017
Recommendations for successful technology projects from the Uraia Platform.
David Hatch February 15, 2017

The nation’s largest planned metropolis is touted as clean, green and affordable, the Dhaka Tribune reports. 

December 7, 2016

The U. S. Trade and Development Agency is scouting for urban innovation projects in both nations.

October 7, 2016

The Japanese government funded major technology retrofits in Yokohama, Keihanna, Toyota and Kitakyushu, OpenGov reports. 

September 30, 2016
A deep focus on social equity, civic participation and green spaces has made Austria's capital one of the world's best places to live.
Saransh Sehgal August 18, 2016

South Korea’s fourth largest city is its first to adopt a long-range wireless network for self-driving cars and other innovations, TechCrunch reports. 

June 16, 2016

Digital literacy, telemedicine and mobile birth certificates are among the ‘smart’ city technologies that would help poorer communities, Mail & Guardian Africa says.

April 18, 2016

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar says basics like sewage treatment must be improved before ambitious ‘smart’ cities plans can be realized, the Economic Times reports. 

February 19, 2016
An Urban Thinkers Campus in Paris focused on how smart planning can foster urban development.
Vitor Pereira February 5, 2016

Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago are teaming with the wireless carrier on innovations such as traffic monitoring and grid management, Fortune reports.

January 8, 2016

The philanthropy will oversee a groundbreaking contest in which Indian cities compete for infrastructure funding, the Economic Times reports.  

January 4, 2016

A third of India’s urban population would be impacted by plans for 100 ‘smart’ cities, the Centre for Internet and Society says.

December 23, 2015
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