Open Data

Open Data
A scaled-back strategy for using big data to power local change.

London’s mayor hopes releasing more city data will encourage software developers to design more apps to improve city services, The Telegraph reports. 

October 28, 2014

To promote a data-driven culture of innovation, Los Angeles has appointed Abhi Nemani as chief data officer, the Office of L. A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced.

September 8, 2014
Laboratorio para la Ciudad is the latest city innovation lab to hit the global urban scene. It’s created a place to invent and test new ideas but some say it’s not focused enough on the needs of the urban poor.
Ana Arana August 1, 2014

Driven by budget woes and guided by hackers, city governments are experimenting with open data as a low-cost way to reach citizens, Roll Call reports. 

June 24, 2014
A new international standard known as “ISO 37120” lays out 46 measures that cities on any continent can measure their performance by.
Neal Peirce June 4, 2014
By opening up the data behind the council's agenda tracking system, Helsinki has made it easier than ever to follow the city's decision-making process.
Olli Sulopuisto April 30, 2014
Helsinki Region Infoshare collects urban data across the metro area and turns it loose for software developers, researchers, journalists and citizens to use.
Olli Sulopuisto April 28, 2014

Chicago and Sacramento also have new online outlets for releasing government data to citizens and to help city leaders with planning.

January 21, 2014

Using a program called datapoa, citizens in the Brazilian city contribute data on sanitation, health, the environment and traffic, reports The City Fix.

December 17, 2013

Advocacy group presses issue at National League of Cities expo

November 13, 2013
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