Open Data

Open Data
A scaled-back strategy for using big data to power local change.
“Widespread surveillance could lead to chilling effects on the behaviour of people in public spaces,” warns one advocate.
Brendon Bosworth June 8, 2017
Most are doing well on a few targets, but worrying gaps are emerging. And some cities are in danger of backsliding.
Paula Lucci April 19, 2017
New lessons in open government from Paris.
Tatiana de Feraudy April 3, 2017
Data gaps. Capacity questions. A guide to the major issues cities are facing.
Brendon Bosworth March 7, 2017
So far, SDGs monitoring relies solely on national-level statistics. But the push for more granular information will receive significant attention throughout this month.
Brendon Bosworth March 1, 2017
BudgIT’s online tool tracks the implementation of government infrastructure and service provision projects at the sub-national level.
Brendon Bosworth February 22, 2017
Report lays out guidelines just as data has moved to top of international agenda.
David Hatch January 24, 2017
This German initiative is looking to cities.
Claudia Schwegmann January 23, 2017
An initiative to bring more transparency to national governments has begun working with 15 'subnational' authorities as well.
Christopher Swope December 14, 2016
Even rich countries will struggle to monitor progress and inform policymaking. But momentum is picking up to fill this gap.
Brendon Bosworth November 30, 2016
A month before Habitat III, there’s no resolution on how to align monitoring of the New Urban Agenda and the ‘urban SDG’. In part that’s due to the complexities of using global frameworks to guide local development — and of measuring progress in cities.
Jacqueline M. Klopp and Danielle Petretta September 19, 2016
The world’s most dangerous active volcano sits close to Ecuador’s capital.
Gregory Scruggs February 19, 2016

Mayor Berry is credited with using online dashboards and mobile apps to promote transparency and citizen engagement, the Huffington Post reports. 

January 11, 2016

Mayor Bill Peduto cites 100 projects that improve citizen access to technology and city information, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. 

September 14, 2015

Bloomberg Philanthropies has chosen the initial batch of participants in a $42 million program that aims to help mid-sized U. S. cities mine urban data.  

August 6, 2015

IBM has equipped trash trucks in Nairobi with technology that gathers statistics on everything from road conditions to driver routes, Mail & Guardian Africa reports. 

July 9, 2015
Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Nairobi and Mexico City are preparing to launch the "GovCombinator."
Christopher Swope June 26, 2015

A nonprofit aids humanitarian efforts by digitally mapping the location of hospitals and schools, according to the Rockefeller Foundation. 

June 24, 2015

The city will release statistics about business licenses, crime and other vestiges of urban life to promote transparency and spur innovation, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. 

January 7, 2015
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