Sustainable Urbanization

Sustainable Urbanization
A scaled-back strategy for using big data to power local change.
How can the Global South implement the New Urban Agenda with colonial-era curricula and little investment in training? Now, Zambia offers a new model.
¿Cómo puede el Sur Global implementar la Nueva Agenda Urbana con planes de estudio de la época colonial y poca inversión en la formación? Ahora, Zambia ofrece un nuevo modelo.
The New Urban Agenda is an opportunity to bridge the gap between urbanists and technologists, radically improving the lives of people in cities worldwide.
Rohit T. Aggarwala August 15, 2016
Tras las supresiones realizadas en las negociaciones de Surabaya, ¿tiene futuro un órgano de estas características si no se lo menciona claramente en la Nueva Agenda Urbana?
Eleni Dellas and Michele Acuto and Susan Parnell July 29, 2016
Following deletions at the Surabaya negotiations, is there a future for such a body without a clear reference in the New Urban Agenda? And where else might a global science panel on sustainable urbanization be located within the U.N. system?
Eleni Dellas and Michele Acuto and Susan Parnell July 29, 2016
The global community has made a lot of promises about the importance of clean, safe, accessible transport in our cities. Habitat III is the time to deliver.
Cornie Huizenga July 18, 2016
The New Urban Agenda must reinforce three key city assets: Ambitious leaders, skilled staff, and strong community and stakeholder engagement.
Gino Van Begin July 4, 2016
Nutrition and agriculture as key parts of integrated urban-rural development are almost completely absent from the Habitat III discussions.
Thomas Forster April 11, 2016
This role must be recognized at Habitat III and formalized in the New Urban Agenda.
Charles Ebikeme April 4, 2016
Forthcoming report by the Habitat III General Assembly of Partners outlines major multilateral infrastructure to facilitate global action on sustainable urbanization, for both the New Urban Agenda and SDGs.
Gregory Scruggs March 8, 2016
Nutrition and food security have long been separated from urban development. If we are to face the challenges of the fast-urbanizing future, Habitat III must start to integrate these lines of thinking.
Sunniva Bloem November 20, 2015
As the international community moves to put sustainability at the core of global development strategies, the drafters of the New Urban Agenda need to look to innovations already in place in our historic districts.
Jeff Soule November 12, 2015
Thinking differently about housing offers a key tool to generate new social arrangements, transform city landscapes in ways that fashion a more vibrant urbanism, and create new possibilities for urban value creation.
Diane E. Davis October 16, 2015
The new development framework lays out a groundbreaking vision on the common good. But it doesn’t say enough about how this is to be achieved, by whom and with what funding — a gap that should be filled by Habitat III.
David Satterthwaite October 9, 2015
With the Sustainable Development Goals now finalized, all eyes turn to the critical task of defining how to track progress on these global aims. How are local authorities responding to the usefulness and feasibility of the Goal 11 indicators?
David Simon October 2, 2015
The agency has formed a strong knowledge platform to support SDG 11 and the New Urban Agenda, but more needs to be done to develop, disseminate and monitor this new vision. How about an Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable Urbanization?
Eugénie L. Birch September 24, 2015
A framework of 17 interconnected stories.
Maruxa Cardama September 18, 2015
City officials from around the world will attend this month’s Sustainable Development Goals summit to pledge their critical support for the new framework.
Jessica Espey and Danielle Petretta September 11, 2015
Bridging the urban SDG with Habitat III.
Nicholas You July 10, 2015
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