‘The common characteristic found among the frontrunner cities — regardless of country, size and socio-economic profile — is that they’ve clearly rejected the “wait and see” approach,’ said one expert.
Shom Teoh and Augustine Kwan September 4, 2017
A push from government, donors, NGOs and the U.N. yields a big success on public health.
AZM Anas August 14, 2017
Leadership, partnerships, citizen engagement and civic pride pay off for a city of 1 million.
Patralekha Chatterjee November 17, 2016
Progress on implementing the Habitat III strategy can be driven by equitable access to five basic services — land, housing, water, energy and transport, a think tank says.
Anna Valmero October 17, 2016
After many failed river rehabilitation efforts, a new strategy is showing positive results.
Anna Valmero June 23, 2016

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is compensating 2,000 residents forced to move due to a major infrastructure project, the Lusaka Times reports. 

May 19, 2016
In late April, technical groups presented thematic findings around housing and sustainable urbanization to national governments at the United Nations. Here’s a summary of the last five papers and discussions.
Gregory Scruggs May 16, 2016

More than 100 of the coin-operated, self-cleaning toilets are available across Chennai, the Times of India reports.

March 1, 2016
Delhi hosted its second Habitat III Urban Thinkers Campus, this time focusing on sanitation and safety.
Patralekha Chatterjee February 26, 2016
Unlike many other developing cities, Durban's leaders view providing fresh water, showers and clean toilets to informal settlements as a moral responsibility.
Keith Schneider February 12, 2016
In a settlement on the edge of Lilongwe, composting takes care of most of the trash — and provides a livelihood.
Charles Mkula September 18, 2014

Jakarta’s poor use waste salvaged from a river for flood protection and building material, The Pop-Up City reports. 

August 14, 2014

From the slums of Delhi to poor rural villages, lack of indoor plumbing creates health hazards and safety risks for Indians, The Economist reports. 

July 23, 2014

A charity that has turned containers into libraries and classrooms has found a new use, Miriam Mannak reports in allAfrica.

June 5, 2014

David co-founded a business that turns toilets into an entrepreneurial opportunity in Nairobi. 

May 29, 2014
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