Rural Migrants to Cities

Rural Migrants to Cities
Planners must strengthen the synergies between urban and rural areas, UN-Habitat says.
David Hatch October 18, 2017
Policymakers will be pushed to recognize the importance of tenure reforms in cities, analysts say. Such processes also can do much to stem rural migration to cities.
Gregory Scruggs December 15, 2016
Urban policy key to turning the corner from 50 years of civil war, policymakers and advocates say.
Maria Clara Valencia December 9, 2016
Nashville's MyCity Academy takes the long view on building connections, trust, and leadership among New Americans.
Christopher Swope November 22, 2016
La estrategia adoptada en Hábitat III podría generar una tracción política clave para ayudar a los gobiernos a integrar mejor su política urbana con la rural.
Gregory Scruggs November 22, 2016
The Habitat III strategy could see key political traction in helping governments better integrate urban and rural policy.
Gregory Scruggs November 22, 2016

The tea vendors of India’s capital, many of whom are migrants, struggle to survive in a fast-changing city, Al Jazeera reports. 

November 10, 2016
Urbanization tips from Scandinavia and China, culture’s role in building better cities, responding to climate change and migration — and more!
Gregory Scruggs and Carey L. Biron November 2, 2016
A Habitat III forum in Mannheim, Germany, called for a strengthened role for local authorities in deciding on policy and response around these issues.
Gabriele Booth February 23, 2016
Migration has been overlooked in the global debate on urbanization and development. Now, the New Urban Agenda needs to help local authorities lead on related policy and planning.
Paula Benea and Ioana Popp and Amy Rhoades January 11, 2016

The city’s carefully cultivated image as an economic marvel contrasts with poverty it can no longer hide, the Wall Street Journal reports. 

December 31, 2015

At a recent conference on cities, Chinese authorities pledged to tackle smog, congestion and other urban woes, Xinhua reports. 

December 28, 2015

Villagers streaming into Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh must contend with cramped living, congested streets and bureaucratic restrictions, AFP reports. 

December 15, 2015

When city leaders anticipate population growth, downsides such as overcrowded slums can be avoided, The Conversation reports.

November 17, 2015
Satriano's warm welcome shows an inclusive approach to absorbing a flood of immigrants.
Simone d'Antonio November 5, 2015

The risk of climate-linked migration is rising, yet there is no legal definition of ‘climate refugee’, Eco-Business reports. 

October 20, 2015

Critics of India’s plan for 100 ‘smart cities’ say investing in villages might prevent a crush of migration to cities in the first place, Indian Express and iGovernment report.

September 24, 2015

The laminated cards issued by an NGO enable migrants to open bank accounts and protect themselves from abusive employers, the New York Times reports. 

September 23, 2015

The wave of migration into China’s cities is beginning to reverse as migrants choose family over dangerous work conditions and separation, FT Magazine reports. 

May 18, 2015
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