Rapid Urbanization

Rapid Urbanization
The ‘UN Urban’ proposal didn’t get much support, but several other key proposals did.
Gregory Scruggs September 8, 2017
Panel of experts’ recommendations could further complicate funding for UN-Habitat, some worry.
Gregory Scruggs August 15, 2017
It remains unclear whether countries will pay for UN-Habitat to coordinate implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs May 25, 2017
Planners must stop thinking of city growth and economic growth as separate issues, the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa says.
David Hatch May 18, 2017
Eights trends binding together the Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda and Paris climate agreement — and pointing toward a future of sustainable cities.
Aromar Revi May 1, 2017
Yes, say experts. A working group meeting this month hopes to offer first-ever guidance in the next few years.
Brendon Bosworth April 5, 2017
En la celebración anual, un ex funcionario de Venezuela advierte que el planeamiento urbano convencional no está preparado para hacer frente a la duplicación de la población de los asentamientos informales proyectada para los próximos 20 años.
Gregory Scruggs November 1, 2016
At annual observance, former Venezuela official warns that conventional urban planning isn’t equipped to deal with the doubling of population in informal settlements projected for next 20 years.
Gregory Scruggs November 1, 2016
As the candidates continue to get pared down, we asked them for their views on cities and Habitat III.
Gregory Scruggs August 29, 2016
Takeaways from the latest edition of the African Economic Outlook.
Gabriela Rico July 29, 2016
Incluso cuando los gobiernos están negociando una Nueva Agenda Urbana, el proceso del Hábitat III no dispone de un método formal para corroborar el progreso realizado desde Hábitat II.
Gregory Scruggs July 26, 2016
Even as governments are negotiating a New Urban Agenda, the Habitat III process has no formal way to check in on progress made since Habitat II.
Gregory Scruggs July 26, 2016
‘The future of sustainable cities has to take into account … a re-belief in planning and an understanding that the market cannot deliver everything,’ says the curator of the ‘Conflicts of an Urban Age’ exhibit, which opened in May.
Alex Ulam July 21, 2016
The World Cities Report 2016 offers a definitive feast of urban trend analysis — just in time for negotiations on the New Urban Agenda.
Gabriela Rico June 2, 2016
The final regional meeting in the Habitat III process takes place this week in Mexico, six months before the conference convenes in Quito.
Gregory Scruggs April 18, 2016

The rapid growth of cities under 100,000 is among the key findings from data covering a 60-year period, the OECD says. 

March 29, 2016

A number of factors, from violence to income disparity, go into the new index, the World Economic Forum says. 

February 15, 2016

Villagers streaming into Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh must contend with cramped living, congested streets and bureaucratic restrictions, AFP reports. 

December 15, 2015
The Bangladeshi capital, already bulging, is expected to grow to 26 million people by 2035. A recent Urban Thinkers Campus assessed prospects for intermediary cities, risk planning and more.
AZM Anas November 11, 2015
An online discussion forum on medium-sized cities runs from this week through 6 November. Thereafter, the third Habitat III ‘thematic meeting’ will also focus on this issue in a three-day summit in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2015

Comparatively smaller cities are economic engines that offer refuge from the array of problems that plague megacities, the Wall Street Journal reports. 

October 7, 2015
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