Public Space

Public Space
Ideas from Europe include interactive spaces, youth programmes.
David Hatch August 23, 2017
The issue is likely to receive significant consideration, particularly around public space — more so than at previous Habitat conferences.
April 5, 2016
The city's Public Space Authority is unique in Latin America and a model for cities around the world.
Gregory Scruggs March 31, 2016
For the critical issues of urban planning, land markets and public space, the Habitat III process must recognize the importance of participation by all.
Juan Pablo Duhalde March 29, 2016
And other questions from the Habitat III Urban Dialogue on public space, which runs through 26 March.
Gregory Scruggs March 18, 2016
A unique Urban Thinkers Campus coincided with a court decision in a longstanding standoff over a wharf in Recife, in northeastern Brazil.
Gregory Scruggs December 24, 2015
A new city policy has become a model across Italy. It encourages citizens to volunteer their time and talents while governing their use of public assets.
Simone d'Antonio December 23, 2015
Urban Thinkers Campus participants advocated for periodic reviews and even sanctions if nations don’t comply with obligations stemming from Habitat III.
Emilio Godoy November 25, 2015
As the international community moves to put sustainability at the core of global development strategies, the drafters of the New Urban Agenda need to look to innovations already in place in our historic districts.
Jeff Soule November 12, 2015
Statistical experts are meeting this week in Bangkok before a November deadline to offer final recommendations on how to measure the new Sustainable Development Goals.
Gregory Scruggs October 26, 2015
“Public space for all is a redundancy,” architect Daniel Libeskind told a daylong event marking World Habitat Day at U.N. Headquarters.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2015
This year’s month-long series of events will focus on public space.
Gregory Scruggs October 1, 2015
Stakeholders can comment on report of first major New Urban Agenda engagement for one week, through 24 August.
Gregory Scruggs August 18, 2015
The high-level framework to be put forward at Habitat III is a key opportunity, but much of the needed activity will have to be undertaken by local authorities.
Gil Penalosa and Amanda O’Rourke August 14, 2015

A Cairo-based design lab says the city should make greater use of the public spaces in its secluded alleyways, reports. 

July 15, 2015
Any dead street in the South Australia city is fair game for an experiment in bringing it to life.
Stephanie Johnston April 29, 2015
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