Property Rights

Property Rights
The continent’s cities remain mired in colonial-era legal process. A new guidebook shows how reforms can happen.
David Hatch September 26, 2017
Experts see new need for this powerful tool in an era of rapid urbanization and amid the growth of intermediate cities lacking administrative capacity.
Gregory Scruggs August 29, 2017
A push for 100 ‘smart’ cities is neglecting needs for basic services and putting India’s poorest at risk of eviction, a report says.
Patralekha Chatterjee August 21, 2017
Move creates a beachhead that will allow for a deeper discussion of cities at the Human Rights Council, said one diplomat.
Gregory Scruggs July 27, 2017
Latin American initiatives recognized by Social Production of Habitat Award.
Emilio Godoy July 6, 2017
“What we’re trying to do is normalize slum lanes,” said the head of the Addressing the Unaddressed.
Brendon Bosworth May 24, 2017
UCLG project relaunches by highlighting nearly 70 case studies from five continents.
David Hatch March 22, 2017
Leilani Farha, the U.N.’s top expert on the right to adequate housing, says she sees “good work” but no solutions being put into action.
Gregory Scruggs March 14, 2017
A key proposal on value capture failed after months of debate on the city’s landmark constitution. But the document does put in place potentially significant mechanisms.
Emilio Godoy February 17, 2017
Continent’s fragmented urban form ‘completely at odds with the broader thinking in development,’ analyst says.
Brendon Bosworth February 10, 2017
Implementar la estrategia adoptada en Hábitat III será complicado, pero los investigadores pueden desempeñar un papel clave en la formulación de políticas centradas en la gente más que en la rentabilidad.
Philipp Horn November 21, 2016
Implementing the Habitat III strategy will be complicated, but researchers can play a key role in formulating policy centred on people rather than profit.
Philipp Horn November 21, 2016
Two divergent visions of what the world’s cities could look like by 2036.
Sameh Wahba October 31, 2016
La semana pasada, se llevaron a cabo eventos coordinados con el objetivo de complementar, o incluso contrarrestar, la Nueva Agenda Urbana, la estrategia global sobre urbanización sustentable adoptada por los gobiernos nacionales.
Emilio Godoy October 27, 2016
Coordinated events took place last week aimed at supplementing, or even countering, the New Urban Agenda, the global strategy on sustainable urbanization adopted by national governments.
Emilio Godoy October 27, 2016
Many were surprised last month when negotiations on the New Urban Agenda kept the term in the final document. Now, efforts have been made at this week’s Habitat III conference to try to explain what this means on the ground.
Emilio Godoy October 20, 2016
Sus defensores dicen que están dispuestos a aceptar la solución de compromiso, que permitiría por primera vez la inclusión de este concepto en un documento negociado a escala internacional.
Gregory Scruggs September 9, 2016
Advocates say they’re ready to accept the compromise, which would see the term included for the first time in an internationally negotiated document.
Gregory Scruggs September 9, 2016
In a new announcement, the country will now co-lead the debate on the New Urban Agenda.
Emilio Godoy June 7, 2016
How does the Habitat III draft strategy address the ‘right to the city’ versus ‘cities for all’?
May 11, 2016
Statement came as Correa and the U.N. secretary-general formally invited world leaders to Habitat III.
Gregory Scruggs April 13, 2016
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