PrepCom 2

PrepCom 2
Worries focus on new rules governing this year’s urbanization conference — and push back on suggestions that those guidelines are the most progressive ever adopted for a U.N. event.
Gregory Scruggs January 22, 2016
Framework seen as among the most progressive in the U.N. system. New negotiating schedule offers first-ever hearing between local authorities and national governments, official says.
Gregory Scruggs December 14, 2015
A proposed U.N. General Assembly resolution would allow accredited local authorities to participate in any part of next year’s cities conference, although without a right to vote. The draft also adds new consultation and negotiation days.
Gregory Scruggs November 19, 2015
At issue is whether local authorities and civil society will be allowed to formally participate in negotiations around the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs November 2, 2015
Up for decision: Can local governments participate in negotiations toward the New Urban Agenda?
Gregory Scruggs September 29, 2015
The announcement ends six weeks of limbo for the groups.
Gregory Scruggs May 27, 2015
Lack of agreement means participation by local authorities and stakeholders is up in the air for Habitat III process.
Gregory Scruggs April 17, 2015
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