Multibillion-dollar flows of “decentralized development cooperation” — essentially, city-to-city development assistance — are expanding rapidly.
Stefano Marta and Aziza Akhmouch August 28, 2017
Three dozen nations gathered in Paris to discuss what these frameworks are getting right — and what they need to do better.
Gregory Scruggs May 17, 2017
Yes, say experts. A working group meeting this month hopes to offer first-ever guidance in the next few years.
Brendon Bosworth April 5, 2017
Initiative wants to see such policies in half of all countries by 2025.
Gregory Scruggs March 24, 2017

The rapid growth of cities under 100,000 is among the key findings from data covering a 60-year period, the OECD says. 

March 29, 2016
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