Uncertainty over how the bond market will respond is 'a bit overrated' says Mexico City's environment minister.
Christopher Swope March 16, 2017
Laboratorio para la Ciudad is the latest city innovation lab to hit the global urban scene. It’s created a place to invent and test new ideas but some say it’s not focused enough on the needs of the urban poor.
Ana Arana August 1, 2014

Turning streets over to bikes once a week sparked wider efforts to promote physical activity and non-motorized transport, The City Fix reports.

July 4, 2014

Gerardo designs mobile parklets to make Mexico City safer to walk in.

June 13, 2014

Azoteas verdes, or green roofs, cleanse Mexico City’s air by adding oxygen and filtering out pollutants, the Guardian reports. 

May 12, 2014
On assignment for Citiscope, an investigative journalist finds a different side of Mexico in Aguascalientes.
Ana Arana January 23, 2014
In this city in Mexico, people play on green lawns, take dance classes and play sports in a strip of land that used to be dusty and dangerous.
Christopher Swope January 22, 2014
In an interview, the visionary behind an extraordinary urban park in Mexico tells Citiscope how she did it.
Ana Arana January 21, 2014
Aquí como Aguascalientes convirtó los descuidados terrenos de un oleoducto en un parque de 12-km de largo que atraviesa de 90 barrios. Photo Ags Prensa
Ana Arana January 20, 2014
Here's how Aguascalientes turned a scrubby strip of pipeline land into a 12-km linear park that cuts through 90 neighborhoods.
Ana Arana January 20, 2014

The Laboratory for the City aims to create new avenues of civic interaction with the municipal government and invent new ways to design public spaces, according to Forbes.

November 26, 2013
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