Uncertainty over how the bond market will respond is 'a bit overrated' says Mexico City's environment minister.
Christopher Swope March 16, 2017
A key proposal on value capture failed after months of debate on the city’s landmark constitution. But the document does put in place potentially significant mechanisms.
Emilio Godoy February 17, 2017
An experiment in public participation as a more autonomous era dawns in Mexico's capital city.
Gregory Scruggs February 3, 2017

Verde Vertical has added greenery to more than 400 public spaces across the megacity, CCTV America reports. 

November 30, 2016
Mientras algunos hablan de construir murallas, este proyecto intentará cruzar la frontera entre Brownsville y Matamoros.
Ana Arana August 26, 2016
While Donald Trump talks of a border wall, local officials on both sides are identifying ways to cooperate with each other.
Ana Arana August 26, 2016
How do the Habitat III talks look to the negotiations’ co-facilitators?
Gregory Scruggs August 15, 2016
Still, observers increasingly worried about time lost for New Urban Agenda negotiations.
Gregory Scruggs June 9, 2016
In a new announcement, the country will now co-lead the debate on the New Urban Agenda.
Emilio Godoy June 7, 2016

A Mexican startup has teamed with LoJack on a fleet of unmanned aircraft that can augment law enforcement, reports. 

May 24, 2016

A sharp increase in ozone levels is occurring despite anti-pollution efforts, PRI reports. 

May 18, 2016
This week’s Habitat III regional meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean took place outside of the usual iconic urban environs. But the workaday capital of Mexico State is exactly the type of city the New Urban Agenda will need to address.
Gregory Scruggs April 20, 2016
On the back of the Habitat III process, recent months have seen a strengthening in global acknowledgement of the critical coming role of metropolitan areas.
Neal Peirce and Farley Peters January 8, 2016
Urban Thinkers Campus participants advocated for periodic reviews and even sanctions if nations don’t comply with obligations stemming from Habitat III.
Emilio Godoy November 25, 2015
Thinking differently about housing offers a key tool to generate new social arrangements, transform city landscapes in ways that fashion a more vibrant urbanism, and create new possibilities for urban value creation.
Diane E. Davis October 16, 2015
An experiment in fostering culture change tries to make riding transit safer for women.
Ana Arana September 10, 2015

An architect with an unsafe commute channeled his frustration into plans for a pedestrian-friendly zone, the Sustainable Cities Collective reports.

August 26, 2015
The mayor of Mexico's capital city is taking a number of steps against public officials taking bribes.
Ana Arana May 7, 2015
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