A city policymaker's quest to change the conversation about immigration from 'welcoming' to 'belonging'.
Flavie Halais April 13, 2017
The city's new Social Procurement Policy aims to harness public spending to raise residents out of poverty.
Flavie Halais April 7, 2017
Nashville's MyCity Academy takes the long view on building connections, trust, and leadership among New Americans.
Christopher Swope November 22, 2016

Sadiq Khan, the newly elected mayor, encouraged other city leaders across Europe to join him in signing the pledge, JTA reports. 

June 13, 2016

Street hawkers in India’s capital fear a repeat of earlier rules that imposed heavy fines and limited outdoor cooking, Al Jazeera reports. 

January 14, 2016

The city-state strictly controls ethnic composition in apartment blocks to ensure equality across neighborhoods, the Brookings Institution says.

December 16, 2015
Ahmed Aboutaleb stresses the opportunities for immigrants in his city while denouncing religious extremism.
Letty Reimerink November 20, 2015
Satriano's warm welcome shows an inclusive approach to absorbing a flood of immigrants.
Simone d'Antonio November 5, 2015
At the 'In Limbo Embassy', migrants get to lead the conversation on their future in Europe.
Letty Reimerink September 17, 2015

Mayor Bill Peduto cites 100 projects that improve citizen access to technology and city information, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. 

September 14, 2015
As Rio invests for the Olympics, only some of the city’s upgrades are built to last.
Julie Ruvolo August 21, 2015
Once a middle-class status symbol, Toronto's 3,200 residential towers are aging into overcrowded homes for the poor. Several efforts are underway to refurbish the towers and stitch them into the modern city.
Flavie Halais August 13, 2015
An upgrading program in a notorious Nairobi slum has taken more than a decade, but is helping to change Africa's conversation about how to handle informal urban neighborhoods.
Gregory Scruggs August 7, 2015
Mayors from around the world are gathering this week at the Vatican, which has quietly put together a record of urban innovation both inside its walls and across Rome.
Simone d'Antonio July 21, 2015
With help from its surrounding community, a school once synonymous with violence is now a model for educating immigrants.
Nadja Sayej July 9, 2015
Inside a dramatic consolidation of local government.
Simone d'Antonio June 18, 2015

An “Idea Bank” would give Johannesburg’s poor a place to “deposit” business concepts in search of mentoring and funding, reports. 

May 25, 2015
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