Local leaders won’t sit idle as U.S. climate leadership wanes.
Angie Fyfe and Yunus Arikan June 1, 2017
A 'first date' for two groups that share much in common when it comes to building resilient cities.
Christopher Swope May 12, 2017
As COP 22 begins, three recommendations on how to get from good documents and commitments to work plans on sustainability — and quickly.
Gino Van Begin November 7, 2016

City networks have gained favor because they facilitate idea-sharing and public-private partnerships, Nature reports. 

October 5, 2016
The New Urban Agenda must reinforce three key city assets: Ambitious leaders, skilled staff, and strong community and stakeholder engagement.
Gino Van Begin July 4, 2016
Seeking investors for ‘transformative’ local climate projects at COP 21.
Alecia D. McKenzie and Christopher Swope December 4, 2015
Assessing the legacy of a Korean neighborhood's month-long experiment in car-free living.
Anna Valmero October 23, 2015
Mayors and officials from 12 U.S. cities will take part in summit as Local Climate Leaders Circle.
Carey L. Biron September 3, 2015
Even if an agreement is reached at this year’s Paris climate summit, national policy changes won’t kick in until 2020. But cities are ready to fill this gap.
Gino Van Begin July 2, 2015
New website will track actions by cities, regions and companies for the six months leading up to the Paris talks.
Carey L. Biron June 8, 2015
Mayors are pushing for a bigger role for local governments at global climate talks.
Neal Peirce May 21, 2015

The global ICLEI network is spearheading a new program to help East Asian cities wean themselves from fossil fuels by 2030.

November 20, 2014
One effort aims to harmonize the many methods cities use for tracking their emissions, while another pushes the whole field to a new level.
Christopher Swope November 7, 2014

With urbanization set to happen quickly in Africa, there’s a small window to make good decisions about planning, a new report says.

April 9, 2014
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