Higher Education

Higher Education
A new initiative at TU Delft seeks to figure out what’s most relevant for students.
Gregory Scruggs August 2, 2017
How several U.S. cities built their urban innovation ecosystems
Peter Engelke and Robert A. Manning July 7, 2017

A scholarship fund established by local donors in Kalamazoo covers in-state college tuition costs for eligible students, Time reports. 

July 18, 2016

The urban innovation hub would leverage ‘big data’ and analytics to solve pressing challenges, the University of Chicago says.

April 5, 2016

Qatar’s capital is luring satellite campuses of some of the most prestigious universities from the United States, the Washington Post reports.

December 16, 2015

The continent’s cities should tap the vast resources at universities through partnerships on urban renewal, the Word Economic Forum says. 

August 19, 2015

An effective strategy for reinvigorating cities is to locate graduate schools and research institutions in downtown cores, urbanist Bruce Katz advises in Fortune.

November 10, 2014

Colleges and universities play a critical role as urban labs for American cities, the consumer group U. S. PIRG says in a new study.

February 12, 2014
In the United States, free transit often comes in the form of buses serving college campuses. One of the oldest such fare-free systems dates to the early 1970s.
David Hatch January 29, 2014
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