Habitat II

Habitat II
Last year’s Habitat III process brought global focus to links between urban and rural development. In India, this has meant a new regional approach to planning aimed at bridging this gap.
Tarun Sharma and Yutika Vora February 13, 2017
Even as governments adopt the New Urban Agenda next week, multiple groups plan protests and contrary discussions.
Gregory Scruggs October 14, 2016
Incluso cuando los gobiernos están negociando una Nueva Agenda Urbana, el proceso del Hábitat III no dispone de un método formal para corroborar el progreso realizado desde Hábitat II.
Gregory Scruggs July 26, 2016
Even as governments are negotiating a New Urban Agenda, the Habitat III process has no formal way to check in on progress made since Habitat II.
Gregory Scruggs July 26, 2016
Worries focus on new rules governing this year’s urbanization conference — and push back on suggestions that those guidelines are the most progressive ever adopted for a U.N. event.
Gregory Scruggs January 22, 2016
Expert's new report focuses on the Habitat III process.
Gregory Scruggs October 27, 2015
A cities-focused development goal is a reality. Now what?
Gregory Scruggs September 30, 2015
Up for decision: Can local governments participate in negotiations toward the New Urban Agenda?
Gregory Scruggs September 29, 2015
A fresh legal model for urbanization as opportunity.
Pablo Aguilar González September 3, 2015
Wading through the knowledge products of the current Habitat process highlights a failure to account for previous pledges.
Joseph Schechla August 7, 2015
Language around next year’s cities conference is under discussion during the final week of negotiations on the Sustainable Development Goals text.
Gregory Scruggs July 29, 2015
The time is ripe for the U.N. system to recognize the special status of contributions from local and regional authorities — coming, as they do, from a sphere of government.
Josep Roig April 30, 2015
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