Habitat I

Habitat I
The healthy, neighbourly polis we dreamed of 40 years ago feels further away now than it did then. We need to heed the example of the Vancouver of 1976, not the Vancouver of 2016.
Lindsay Brown October 14, 2016
Advocates hope to scale up ongoing campaign as benchmark against which to measure the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs February 2, 2016
The Manila Urban Thinkers Campus, which took place recently on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum, focused on alleviating the “cycle of poverty housing” in the region.
Gregory Scruggs September 17, 2015
Wading through the knowledge products of the current Habitat process highlights a failure to account for previous pledges.
Joseph Schechla August 7, 2015
Language around next year’s cities conference is under discussion during the final week of negotiations on the Sustainable Development Goals text.
Gregory Scruggs July 29, 2015
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