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‘We can build the best infrastructure,’ said one official, ‘but the end goal to keep our cities resilient to climate change impacts, natural hazards and disasters is a means to create liveable communities for everyone.’
Anna Valmero October 13, 2016
A mayor has taken over as president and the country is trying take a leadership role on regional urban issues. But a decade and a half after a devastating economic crisis, Argentine urban strategy is up in the air.
Sergio Elguezábal October 3, 2016
The Modi government has unveiled an unprecedented focus on cities, but it has barely engaged in discussions over the New Urban Agenda.
Patralekha Chatterjee September 7, 2016
Despite the country’s strong engagement in negotiations around the New Urban Agenda, local U.S. officials are almost nowhere to be seen.
Carey L. Biron and Neal Peirce September 2, 2016
Drawing on a uniquely deep history in the Habitat process, the country’s new Liberal government sees a ‘pure alignment’ between its domestic agenda and the social priorities of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs September 2, 2016
El país anfitrión se centrará en la exclusión social y la especulación sobre el uso del suelo, la proliferación del mercado informal de tierras, la segregación espacial, la desigualdad en el acceso a los servicios, y la presión sobre las áreas naturales.
Gregory Scruggs August 1, 2016
The host country will focus on issues of social exclusion and land-use speculation, the proliferation of informal land markets, spatial segregation and inequality in access to services, and pressure on natural areas.
Gregory Scruggs August 1, 2016
On the sidelines of the New Urban Agenda negotiations, a parade of nations has offered up a taste of what they will bring to the table in Quito, in an attempt to put their best foot forward on housing and urban development.
Gregory Scruggs July 27, 2016
At the Habitat II cities conference in 1996, China’s take on urbanization didn’t impress many. Today, parts of Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda look lifted from the country’s own new planning guidelines.
Wade Shepard July 15, 2016
For the African National Congress, the ruling party that came to power in 1994 after the fall of apartheid, informal settlements have been a continuous problem, one compounded by the rapid influx of people to urban areas in search of better opportunities.
Brendon Bosworth June 14, 2016
Report calls for cities to be guarantors of quality of life and prosperity, and to act as key guarantors of the Paris climate agreement.
Neal Peirce June 14, 2016
In a new announcement, the country will now co-lead the debate on the New Urban Agenda.
Emilio Godoy June 7, 2016
This week the European Union released a landmark urban strategy, just as global negotiations on the New Urban Agenda are heating up.
Simone d'Antonio June 1, 2016
Series of high-level meetings comes as the European Union is formulating its common position for negotiations around the New Urban Agenda.
Neal Peirce May 11, 2016
While many Habitat III national reports are overdue, they continue to be finalized — and offer a fascinating glimpse of the global spectrum of urbanization trends today.
Gregory Scruggs April 29, 2016
In eight months, tens of thousands of international delegates, local authorities, stakeholders and urbanists are expected to descend on Ecuador’s capital for the U.N.’s major urbanization conference.
Gregory Scruggs February 19, 2016
How one Caribbean country is preparing to discuss the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs November 18, 2015
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