Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships
Engaging businesses in a more strategic way is critical to take cities from ambition to implementation — and overcoming obstacles that might deter private-sector engagement is central to the success of this.
Peter White October 16, 2017

Private developers are expected to fund the $65 billion project, The National reports.

March 5, 2015

A first-in-the-nation funding concept could be a model for other cash-strapped cities to add bike sharing systems, Next City reports. 

September 23, 2014
A city with too few parks for too many people is leaning on civic activism to improve its green space.
Nabila Rahhal August 27, 2014
A pathbreaking public-private collaboration in an earthquake-ravaged New Zealand city is delivering hundreds of infrastructure projects quickly and efficiently.
David Killick August 7, 2014
Despite the success of Vancouver's Canada Line, the next extension of the city's SkyTrain system is using a different public-private partnership strategy.
Frances Bula February 20, 2014
Canada has joined Europe and Australia as a leader in using "P3s" for all manner of infrastructure projects. In an interview with Citiscope, PPP Canada CEO John McBride explains how it works.
Christopher Swope February 19, 2014
Vancouver used an innovative public-private partnership to build the Canada Line light rail for the 2010 Olympics. Now, rail projects in Edmonton, Denver and Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. view Vancouver as a model.
Frances Bula February 17, 2014
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