Global Process

Global Process
A high-level U.N. meeting on 5-6 September may sound arcane, but the decisions made there could decide how sustainable our cities are for generations. Here’s what needs to happen.
Aromar Revi August 22, 2017
A major U.N. reform initiative is underway around localization and partnerships. In this, the Habitat III process offers a key model.
Eugénie L. Birch July 31, 2017
The annual assessment, which starts this week, is failing to address “localization” of the global goals.
Notes from a Habitat III negotiating chair.
Ian Klaus February 6, 2017
The healthy, neighbourly polis we dreamed of 40 years ago feels further away now than it did then. We need to heed the example of the Vancouver of 1976, not the Vancouver of 2016.
Lindsay Brown October 14, 2016
As the head of UN-Habitat, Joan Clos is a bit like the world's urban planner. At next week's Habitat III conference, he'll have a global stage to promote his vision for cities.
Gregory Scruggs October 10, 2016
La versión actualizada de la estrategia de Hábitat III resulta aún difusa en cuanto a los procesos de seguimiento y revisión.
Eleni Dellas July 11, 2016
The revised version of the Habitat III strategy is still vague on follow-up and review.
Eleni Dellas July 11, 2016
The economic and social implications of the British vote to leave the E.U. must be used to significantly strengthen the strategy to be approved at Habitat III.
Michael Cohen June 24, 2016
Through Habitat III, it’s up to national leaders and the international community to take the next step: to share powers, means and responsibilities with local and regional authorities.
Josep Roig May 2, 2016
The Paris climate accord is notable for its robust framework on monitoring and evaluation. Habitat III will need something similar — and the groundwork already exists for an exciting conversation on this issue.
Neal Peirce December 14, 2015
The next 12 months will need to foster international commitment to a new agenda on housing and sustainable urban development that will transform the urban paradigm into a source of global development. Today, everything seems aligned for this to happen.
Ana B. Moreno October 23, 2015
A fresh legal model for urbanization as opportunity.
Pablo Aguilar González September 3, 2015
In May, nearly 140 metropolises around the world urged the United Nations to formally include cities in the Habitat III negotiations.
Michael Müller August 28, 2015
Wading through the knowledge products of the current Habitat process highlights a failure to account for previous pledges.
Joseph Schechla August 7, 2015
A U.S. perspective on critical next steps in the climate negotiations and other international discussions.
Kent Watkins May 21, 2015
The time is ripe for the U.N. system to recognize the special status of contributions from local and regional authorities — coming, as they do, from a sphere of government.
Josep Roig April 30, 2015
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