City We Need

City We Need
‘The City We Need 2.0’, adopted last month, is the result of one of the most decentralized U.N. processes ever.
Gregory Scruggs April 1, 2016
A new set of stakeholder recommendations on sustainable urbanization urges the Habitat III process to see health as a ‘fundamental aim of development’.
Yong Yen Nie March 30, 2016
A series of high-level reports will be made public this month by global stakeholders and experts, constituting major inputs to the first draft of the Habitat III strategy.
Gregory Scruggs March 7, 2016
Ideas are due by 15 February for a document — The City We Need 2.0 — that will comprise key stakeholder input to the drafting of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs January 4, 2016
The Urban Thinkers Campus that took place in the city on 15-16 October took unique effort to ensure deep participation.
Vincent Ng’ethe November 9, 2015
The General Assembly of Partners now has chairs and co-chairs, official legitimacy, and is looking to pour its recommendations for the New Urban Agenda into a single document.
Gregory Scruggs October 12, 2015
The Manila Urban Thinkers Campus, which took place recently on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum, focused on alleviating the “cycle of poverty housing” in the region.
Gregory Scruggs September 17, 2015
Assistance will ensure that General Assembly of Partners chairs are able to attend major meetings while preparing inputs for the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs July 10, 2015
Women play a crucial role in creating sustainable cities and settlements. Yet before next year’s conference, a challenge remains in defining the agenda for this key constituency.
Jan Peterson May 29, 2015
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