C40 Cities

C40 Cities
The Paris mayor and C40 chair has become one of the most visible figures on combating global warming.
Gregory Scruggs June 8, 2017
Mayors and officials from 12 U.S. cities will take part in summit as Local Climate Leaders Circle.
Carey L. Biron September 3, 2015
New website will track actions by cities, regions and companies for the six months leading up to the Paris talks.
Carey L. Biron June 8, 2015
Mayors are pushing for a bigger role for local governments at global climate talks.
Neal Peirce May 21, 2015
One effort aims to harmonize the many methods cities use for tracking their emissions, while another pushes the whole field to a new level.
Christopher Swope November 7, 2014
Japan’s capital has slashed greenhouse gas emissions from office buildings using the world's first city-level carbon-trading system. It's worked — but not for reasons that have much to do with emissions trading.
Maya Kaneko March 10, 2014

A major report released at the C40 Mayors Summit documents stepped up climate action by the world’s megacities.

February 14, 2014
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