But successfully formulating these policies depends on the view of federalism followed in any particular country.
Abigail Friendly May 8, 2017

The planned facility would feature affordable co-working space and access to digital education and funding opportunities, Choose Brisbane says. 

December 21, 2015

Australia’s chief scientist wants Sydney, Melbourne and other cities redesigned around pedestrians, cyclists and public transit, News. reports.

October 14, 2015
'Simplify the messaging around energy efficiency', and other lessons from the Australian city.
Brendon Bosworth October 9, 2015

The ten-step guide to nurturing an urban tree canopy will be used by city councils across Australia, Urbanalyst reports. 

July 8, 2015
Any dead street in the South Australia city is fair game for an experiment in bringing it to life.
Stephanie Johnston April 29, 2015
The Australian city is using trees and water to fight the urban heat island effect.
Neil McMahon January 30, 2015

A former chief planner for Vancouver, Canada views Perth as a car-crazed city that needs to invest more in public transit and high-density development, the West Australian reports. 

November 18, 2014

The new policy is touted as a way to freshen the city’s air while providing other benefits that include biodiversity and insulation, Sourceable reports.

August 28, 2014

The mega-tunnel will more than double the number of buses and trains that now cross an aging bridge, according to transportation officials with the state of Queensland

December 3, 2013

The 202020 Vision would add new parks, orchards, bike paths and other amenities, reports Australia’s Architecture & Design.

November 28, 2013
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