Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing
The country is formulating its first-ever cities strategy.
Jeet Mistry September 25, 2017

Once a gateway for immigrants to middle-class living, Boston’s answer to affordable housing is losing pace to luxury condos, the Boston Globe reports.  

November 27, 2015
Finding a path to land tenure in a country with few protections for the urban poor.
AZM Anas November 13, 2015
The Bangladeshi capital, already bulging, is expected to grow to 26 million people by 2035. A recent Urban Thinkers Campus assessed prospects for intermediary cities, risk planning and more.
AZM Anas November 11, 2015
The first Urban Thinkers Campus in the United States was held 24 October.
Gregory Scruggs October 29, 2015

The lab will explore ideas for reducing the cost of building, buying and owning homes, according to the mayor’s office.

October 26, 2015
Thinking differently about housing offers a key tool to generate new social arrangements, transform city landscapes in ways that fashion a more vibrant urbanism, and create new possibilities for urban value creation.
Diane E. Davis October 16, 2015

A key mayoral priority just two years ago has been usurped by other concerns, including a spike in violent urban crime, Governing reports. 

October 5, 2015
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