Quito Questions: What’s this about a Stakeholders Forum at Habitat III?

It’s less an event than an organizing principle.

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We were wondering if there are any further details available about the Stakeholders Forum. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

— Mark Watkins, Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Project, Arizona State University

Citiscope checked in with the Habitat III Secretariat, but they were unable to say much about the Stakeholder Forum.

From what we do understand, the forum is less a specific event than a way of organizing under one umbrella all of the official roundtables and assemblies that are not composed of government representatives.

According to the current programme, that includes assemblies for children and youth, gender and business on 15-16 October. It also includes roundtables with a variety of groups — research and academia, civil society organizations, trade unions, professionals, grassroots groups, foundations and philanthropies, media, older persons, indigenous people, children and youth, farmers and women — spread over the course of the official conference dates, 17-20 October.

If those categories look familiar, it’s because they are the same as the partner constituent groups of the General Assembly of Partners, a stakeholder umbrella group. According to GAP President Eugénie Birch, the Habitat III Secretariat invited the GAP to organize the roundtables according to their respective interests, with each receiving a two-hour slot. The goal of those roundtables will be to summarize their advocacy in the Habitat III process and to discuss next steps, such as how they will implement the New Urban Agenda in their respective constituencies.

So if you want to get involved, your best bet is to join the GAP.

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