Quito Questions: How significant will slums be in the New Urban Agenda?

Informal settlements are likely to receive key focus in the Habitat III process.

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How big of a topic is slum intervention/integration going to be?

—   Jose Manuel Guzman, urban planner, Caracas

Among all of the issues at play in the New Urban Agenda — the 20-year urbanization strategy that will come out of Habitat III — this is definitely one to watch. Upgrading slums, after all, has been a signature part of UN-Habitat’s human-settlements work, and improving slum conditions was the only urban issue to make its way into the Millennium Development Goals.

Given that Habitat III is a U. N.-wide conference, it is likely that many national governments that will be deciding on the final details of the New Urban Agenda are already familiar with slum upgrading as an integral part of the Habitat legacy — as evidenced, for example, by the 1996 Habitat Agenda.

To get a front-row seat on the debate over this topic, head to Pretoria from 7-8 April, where South Africa will host a Habitat III thematic meeting on informal settlements (the preferred nomenclature to “slums”). Note that this meeting’s location recently changed from Johannesburg but that the dates are the same.

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