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New Urban Agenda (final draft)


Habitat III Resources



New Urban Agenda (early drafts)


Issue Papers

The first major output of the Habitat III process took place in May 2015, when agencies from across the United Nations and others published 22 “issue papers” — key technical snapshots of various sectors and thematic areas in today’s urbanization trends.

  1. Inclusive Cities (Pro Poor, Gender, Youth, Ageing)
  2. Migration and Refugees in Urban Areas
  3. Safer Cities
  4. Urban Culture and Heritage
  5. Urban Rules and Legislation
  6. Urban Governance
  7. Municipal Finance
  8. Urban and Spatial Planning and Design
  9. Urban Land
  10. Urban-Rural Linkages
  11. Public Space
  12. Local Economic Development
  13. Jobs and Livelihoods
  14. Informal Sector
  15. Urban Resilience
  16. Urban Ecosystems and Resource Management
  17. Cities and Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
  18. Urban Infrastructure and Basic Services, including energy
  19. Transport and Mobility
  20. Housing
  21. Smart Cities
  22. Informal Settlements

Translations for each of these papers are available here

Comments by member states and stakeholders on these papers are available here


Regional Meetings: Declarations


Thematic Meetings: Declarations


“Policy Unit” Papers

From October 2015 to March 2016, some 200 global experts and practitioners came together in 10 thematic “policy units” vested with offering key recommendations on the drafting and implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

  1. The Right to the City and Cities for All
  2. Socio-Cultural Urban Framework
  3. National Urban Policies
  4. Urban Governance, Capacity and Institutional Development
  5. Municipal Finance and Local Fiscal Systems
  6. Urban Spatial Strategies: Land Market and Segregation
  7. Urban Economic Development Strategies
  8. Urban Ecology and Resilience
  9. Urban Services and Technology
  10. Housing Policies


Urban Thinkers Campuses

From June 2015 through February 2016, more than two-dozen multiday stakeholder forums were held in cities across the globe to gather public input on key themes to be addressed in the New Urban Agenda. Final reports from these events, an initiative of the World Urban Campaign, are still coming online; their recommendations have been collectively released as “The City We Need 2.0”.

The City we Need: Open for Art
Alghero, Italy

Urban Citizenship in a Nomadic World
Mannheim, Germany

Ethical Cities: Locking in Liveability
Melbourne, Australia
Final report

The Progressive City Women Want
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Building Inclusive Smart Cities. A Focus on Safety & Sanitation
New Delhi, India

Resilient Cities: Bridging the Humanitarian / Development Divide
London (Virtual), United Kingdom

The City Youth Need, The World They Want
Nairobi, Kenya

Health and Wellbeing in The City We Need
Kuching, Malaysia

Women Transforming Cities Dialogue Cafes
Vancouver, Canada

Smart Planning for Sustainable Cities
Paris, France

Future Cities Forum
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Inclusive Cities: Youth and Open-Source Technologies in Urban Space
Recife, Brazil

The City with a Gender Perspective We Need
Lima, Peru

Legal Course Towards Habitat III
Mexico City, Mexico

Decent and Adequate Housing
Barcelona, Spain

The Role and Opportunities in Urban Sustainability for Small and Mid-Size Cities
Lincoln, United States

Megacities: Bridging Reality & Aspiration
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth
Geneva, Switzerland

Roadmap to The City We Need
New York, United States
Final report

WAMAMA TUNAUWEZO (Women have the Power) - Engaging Women in Ensuring Safety
Nairobi, Kenya

City as a Service
Palermo, Italy

The City We Need Fosters Inclusive Prosperity
New Delhi, India

Asia Pacific Housing Forum 5 (Philippines Satellite Event)
Manila, Philippines

Who Has a Right to Asia’s World City: 1% vs 99%?
Hong Kong, China

Solutions to Urban Slums: Building on Communities Knowledge & Heritage
Kampala, Uganda

Public Space in the New Urban Agenda
Stockholm, Sweden
Final report

Towards a Participatory and Inclusive Habitat III
Caserta, Italy (2014)
Final report


Urban Dialogues

From July 2015 through April 2016, UN-Habitat hosted a series of online discussion forums around key issues to be addressed by the New Urban Agenda.


National Reports

Each national government has been formally requested to prepare a report, following specific guidelines, of its urbanization process and planning ahead of Habitat III.




Historical Documents


Additional Resources


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