PrepCom 2: Resources from the Nairobi talks

What follows is a living resource page collating official and non-official outcomes, background and related information around the second Habitat III preparatory committee meeting, which was held in Nairobi on 14-16 April. Although only partial, this list includes materials we thought useful for those who attended the Nairobi sessions, those who participated from afar and those looking to catch up on the significance of what took place at this second of three Habitat III PrepComs.

According to the Habitat III Secretariat, the Nairobi talks brought together around 769 participants and 90 delegations. Civil society and other groups also put on 36 side events.

If you have anything you’d like us to post, please find contact information at the bottom of this page. An archive of all of Citiscope’s coverage of the PrepCom 2 sessions and thereafter is available here.

PrepCom 2 documents

Official documents

Final report of PrepCom 2

Report on the work of PrepCom 2, draft

Issue papers and policy units, draft

Preparations for the Habitat III conference, draft resolution

Provisional rules of procedure for the Habitat III conference, draft

PrepCom request to General Assembly to discuss stakeholder participation

Decision on the venue of PrepCom 3, draft

PrepCom 2 official documents archive

Political and multilateral statements

Opening statement by Joan Clos, UN-Habitat secretary-general

Preparations for the Habitat III conference by Joan Clos

Closing statement by Joan Clos

Country statements (14 April)

Country statements (15 Apri)

Country statements (16 April)

European Union

Closing statement by the European Union

Group of 77 (G77) developing countries and China

International Labour Organization

Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)


South Africa on behalf of the African Union

U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization

U. N. Major Group for Children and Youth


United Nations Regional Commissions

United States of America

World Meteorological Organization

Civil society input for PrepCom 2

American Planning Association

Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments

Global Taskforce oral statement

Global Platform for the Right to the City (Portuguese)

Habitat International Coalition

HIC/The Bartlett Planning Unit on Habitat III national reporting processes

Huairou Commission

International Society of City and Regional Planners

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Pax Romana

Réseau d’Échanges Stratégiques pour une Afrique Urbaine Durable

Slum Dwellers International

United Cities and Local Governments

United Nations University International Institute for Global Health

UCLG Africa

University of Pennsylvania

World Urban Campaign General Assembly of Partners Nairobi Declaration

World Vision International

National reports



Burkina Faso

Republic of Korea


United States of America

PrepCom 2 basic information

Full, official PrepCom 2 handbook

Official, printable “easy programme”

UN-Habitat’s PrepCom 2 page

PrepCom 2 official papers archive

PrepCom 2 provisional agenda

List of all side events and parallel events

Habitat III Secretariat’s official questions to guide discussions

Draft rules of procedure

Arrangements for stakeholder accreditation

List of NGOs and others accredited for PrepCom 2

List of issue papers being worked on by multilateral agencies

Agenda of the World Urban Campaign 12th steering committee meeting

World Urban Campaign 12th steering committee meeting progress report

Programme of the World Urban Campaign’s General Assembly of Partners

PrepCom 1 documents

PrepCom 1 opening statement

PrepCom 1 statements

PrepCom 1 consultations, side events and parallel events, including recommendations

Status of national reports, as of PrepCom 1

Background and foundational documents

UN-Habitat backgrounder on the Habitat III process

Habitat III roadmap

U. N. General Assembly resolution to convene the Habitat III conference

U. N. General Assembly resolution on the Habitat III outcome

Guidelines on the preparation of national reports

Guide on national Habitat committees

A timeline of the Habitat process

The 1996 Habitat Agenda

A list of non-government Habitat Agenda Partners

World Urban Campaign’s “The City We Need”

Related documents

Goal 11: The draft urban Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s proposed SDG indicators

The second Urban SDG Campaign consultation on targets and indicators

Communitas Coalition on proofing recommendations for Goal 11

Global Taskforce 2016’s “Shaping the New Urban Agenda”

U. N. Secretary General’s “The Road to Dignity by 2030”

Financing for Development zero draft

COP 21 negotiating text for the Paris climate talks

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

Habitat International Coalition expectations for Habitat III

Civil society statement on preparations for Habitat III (Nov 2014)

Additional resources

World Urban Campaign

World Urban Campaign General Assembly of Partners

UrbanSDG Campaign

United Cities and Local Governments

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

International Institute for Sustainable Development

ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability

Huairou Commission

Habitat International Coalition

Global Task Force 2016

Communitas Coalition

Cities Alliance

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