Short answer: It’s complicated. But coming months are ‘critical’, observers say.
Gregory Scruggs August 18, 2017
A new initiative at TU Delft seeks to figure out what’s most relevant for students.
Gregory Scruggs August 2, 2017
Amid upheaval at the national level, cities and civil society are pressing forward with plans to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. In this, they see the goals as importantly apolitical.
Gregory Scruggs July 25, 2017
‘Localizing’ the Sustainable Development Goals isn’t about cities alone. States, provinces and other regions are just as important, notes new report.
Gregory Scruggs July 20, 2017
Much of the global urban movement is still figuring out how best to move forward following last year’s Habitat III summit.
Gregory Scruggs June 14, 2017
These governments are taking important first steps toward building momentum.
Gregory Scruggs May 31, 2017
On most issues, this week’s Governing Council meeting is in wait-and-see mode.
Gregory Scruggs May 10, 2017
‘There are quite a few initiatives that have promise, but I don’t think we have crossed the threshold of momentum,’ said one analyst.
Gregory Scruggs April 28, 2017
In the wake of riots and accusations of racial bias among law enforcement, a local initiative finds answers in the new global framework.
Carey L. Biron March 9, 2017
And its countries want to export their cities know-how abroad.
Gregory Scruggs February 7, 2017
Updated: The full list includes plans to hold 74 sessions this year.
Gregory Scruggs January 19, 2017
Rápidamente se están desplegando los mecanismos oficiales y no oficiales para dar seguimiento e impulsar la implementación de la Nueva Agenda Urbana.
Gregory Scruggs October 21, 2016
Official and unofficial mechanisms are quickly falling into place to follow and prod implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs October 21, 2016
Justo en el momento en que las naciones adoptan a estrategia de resultados Hábitat III, cuatro destacadas figuras del urbanismo anuncian un tratado respecto a las ciudades y a la planificación. Uno de ellos fue el líder de Hábitat III Joan Clos.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2016
Just as nations adopt the Habitat III outcome strategy, four towering figures in urbanism announce a treatise on cities and planning. One of those was Habitat III head Joan Clos.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2016
Many were surprised last month when negotiations on the New Urban Agenda kept the term in the final document. Now, efforts have been made at this week’s Habitat III conference to try to explain what this means on the ground.
Emilio Godoy October 20, 2016
The informal sector is here to stay. It is expanding. And increasingly, in many cities across the world, its face is feminine.
Patralekha Chatterjee October 20, 2016
Habitat for Humanity will seek to secure housing for 40 million people by 2020, among other pledges on land tenure.
Gregory Scruggs October 20, 2016
A medida que Hábitat III se acerca a su final, las opiniones se encuentran divididas respecto a si el marco sobre ciudades sostenibles está ganando fuerza política.
Gregory Scruggs October 19, 2016
As Habitat III draws to a close, opinions are mixed on whether the framework on sustainable cities is gaining political traction.
Gregory Scruggs October 19, 2016
As global leaders gather at this week’s Habitat III conference to adopt the New Urban Agenda, they are being urged to pay greater attention to transport.
Anna Valmero October 19, 2016
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