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Turkey, Jordan get U.S. boost on ‘smart’ city projects

Amman, Jordan (Anton_Ivanov/

Turkey and Jordan aren’t the first countries that may come to mind when talking about “smart” cities. A U. S. foreign assistance agency hopes to change that.

The little-known U. S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has chosen the Tuatara Group to recommend urban innovation projects in both nations. The engineering and consulting firm based near Washington, D. C. has the details on its website. 

Selected projects would receive funding for feasibility studies or technical assistance, the advisory says. The USTDA has organized a mission to Turkey next week. Tuatara team members will meet with developers and entrepreneurs to discuss potential projects and funding. A similar mission to Jordan is scheduled for the following week.

The USTDA provides grants to overseas public and private entities that tap U. S. companies to implement agency-funded initiatives. The agency has international offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Lagos. Learn more about the USTDA here and here

U.S. Trade and Development Agency and Tuatara Group

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