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New planning rules would address Toronto’s sprawl

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The Canadian province of Ontario has set an ambitious goal for Toronto: no more sprawl. Sam Grewal reports for The Star that proposed urban planning rules emphasize dense, walkable neighborhoods, public transit and green space.

Under the recommendations, future transit funds would be contingent on having zoning in place to allow for high-density development along transit corridors. Sixty percent of new residential projects would be situated in already built-up areas, Municipalities would have to be “transparent” about smart growth efforts, writes Grewal, who covers urban affairs.

With 3.5 million people projected to move to Toronto and the nearby port city of Hamilton over the next quarter century, the province is prioritizing “smart growth,” the article says. The proposals were crafted in response to a December report, issued by a panel headed by former Toronto mayor David Crombie, that panned current growth patterns. The proposals will be reviewed through the end of September, when they could be codified via legislation, the article says. 

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