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New initiative aims to boost urban planning in secondary cities

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Cities across the Global South are expected to add another 2.5 billion people by 2050. A new initiative launched by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community aims to ensure there is enough urban planning know-how to avoid relegating many of them to the misery of slums.

Planning for Rapid Urbanisation 2030 will feature online tools and educational resources — to be formally available in 2018 — that any city can use. Even novices will be able to create templates for spatial planning and development, the announcement says. The foundation explains that most property and planning professionals are concentrated in major cities. Yet much of the need for this knowledge lies in small, secondary cities where such expertise is limited.  

The London-based organization teamed with the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum on the project. The tools will be fine-tuned over the next two years during pilots in up to five cities, according to the announcement. The Prince’s Foundation is dedicated to fostering resilient communities. Learn more here

Prince's Foundation for Building Community

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