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New boundary for sprawling Dhaka will double its land area

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Dhaka already is among the world’s most populated and densely packed cities. Now it’s poised to grow even larger.

The Daily Star reports that government authorities plan to double the land area of the Bangladeshi megacity so that municipal services can be extended to fast-growing outlying areas.

The plan would facilitate the arrival of street lights, trash collection, paved roads and other basic amenities to adjacent communities undergoing rapid urbanization, the article says. These neighborhoods have attracted housing blocks, factories, schools, hospitals and other development in recent years. Yet local officials lack the resources to provide most civic services.

Under the proposal, 16 nearby jurisdictions, or “unions,” would be incorporated into Dhaka. Eight would fall under the authority of Dhaka North City Corporation, with the remainder to be overseen by the Dhaka South City Corporation.

The city would grow from roughly 128 square kilometers (49 square miles) to 307 square kilometers (119 square miles). According to, the plan would add more than a million residents to Dhaka. 

The Daily Star

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