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Massive ‘river of trash’ winds through Beirut

A prolonged garbage crisis sparked by closure of a Beirut landfill has prompted residents to toss their rubbish in the open. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

The images are surreal, but for residents of a Beirut suburb, the reality is foul smelling and unsightly. Time Hume reports for CNN on an apocalyptic “river of trash” that runs through Jdeideh, a suburb of Lebanon’s capital.

The garbage crisis began in July when authorities shuttered a landfill that reached its capacity but failed to open a replacement, the article says. The situation worsened this month when plans to export the waste to Russia were cancelled.

Critics blame the impasse over the region’s garbage on political corruption and gridlock, CNN reports. Lebanon has been without a president since May 2014. A grassroots movement dubbed “You Stink” that formed over the summer views the rotting trash as the latest manifestation of political stagnation, Hume notes. 


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