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Kigali mayor shares master urban plan with villagers


Kigali Mayor Monique Mukaruliza wants the poorest, least represented informal settlements to have a stake in the city’s master plan.

James Karuhanga reports for The New Times that the municipality will take its vision for the city’s future to villagers to ensure their input. Mukaruliza was elected mayor in Rwanda’s capital city in February. 

A key proposal involves the extension of the the city’s car-free zone beyond the central business district, the article says. Kigali, which has a metro population of more than 1.3 million, hopes to attract businesses and commerce to pedestrian-friendly areas. The master plan also addresses affordable housing, conservation, improved public transit and sustainable energy.

Some residents have complained about lack of citizen involvement with the blueprint, adopted in 2013, Karuhanga notes. “I want to assure you that we are going to the villages to give details on the master plan.” Mukaruliza said during a recent speech, according to The New Times.

The New Times

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