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Helsinki to build three car-free bridges

New bridges planned for Helsinki would accommodate streetcars, pedestrians and cyclists but not automobiles. (City of Helsinki/WSP)

Three bridges planned for Helsinki will accommodate streetcars, cyclists and pedestrians while banning motor vehicles. According to the City of Helsinki, the Crown Bridges would link the city center with eastern suburbs. Construction will begin in 2018, with the bridges set to debut in 2026.

The car-free crossings are part of a wider trend. A year ago, the Western U. S. city of Portland opened the Tilikum Crossing bridge, dubbed the longest multi-modal, non-vehicle bridge in the United States. Popular Mechanics reported on the bridge here. 

Helsinki’s Crown Bridges, Kruunusillat in Finnish, would enable swift public transit connections by prioritizing streetcars, the municipality says. Thirty percent of all trips within the Finnish capital rely on public transport. An additional 30 percent involve walking. By contrast, auto use is only at 25 percent. The €260 million (US$290 million) project is contingent on the closure of the city’s coal-fired power plant by 2024.

City of Helsinki

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