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Global Parliament of Mayors to meet in The Hague

Political theorist Benjamin Barber called for a Global Parliament of Mayors in his recent book. The body's first convening is set for September. (Ludek Perina/ CTK via AP Images)

A new, experimental urban consortium will convene in September with the goal of tackling some of the greatest challenges facing the world’s cities. The Global Parliament of Mayors will hold its inaugural meeting September 10-12 in the Hague, Netherlands, the announcement says.

The goal is to encourage sharing of ideas across borders. Climate change, disease, refugees, inequality and safety are among the subjects to be addressed, according to the sponsors. The parliament is the latest example of mayors and cities taking the lead on problem solving where national governments have largely failed.   

Speaking at a February 16 press briefing, political theorist Benjamin Barber explained that he first introduced the idea of this new global governance platform in his 2013 book If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities. The media event, held at Fordham University in New York, included the participation of the newly formed Fordham Urban Consortium.

The parliament is committed to leveraging the work of other global urban networks such as UCLG, ICLEI and the C40 Cities, the announcement says.

A previous attempt to convene a Parliament of Mayors was scheduled for October of 2015 but was canceled.

Global Parliament of Mayors Project

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