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Drones may patrol Mexico City for stolen vehicles

(Dusan Petkovic/Shutterstock)

Car thieves in Mexico City may have more than just the federales to worry about.

Rafa Fernandez De Castro reports for that drones may soon patrol the skies of this sprawling megacity in search of stolen vehicles. Less than 50 percent of cars reported missing in Mexico are retrieved.

The planned fleet is the brainchild of Dronix, a Mexican tech startup, and LoJack, the U. S.-based manufacturer of anti-auto theft devices. The companies are consulting with municipal officials on legislation that would let their idea take flight, the article says.

The drones, equipped with cameras and radio antennas, would track beacons transmitted by LoJack devices, De Castro explains. The concept is being tested now via a secretive pilot project. Executives with both companies emphasize that pilotless aerial vehicles can augment law enforcement and assist insurance providers. 

The video below shows how the concept is supposed to work.


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