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Daegu pioneers South Korea’s ‘Internet of Things’ network

Daegu is South Korea's first city to adopt a long-range wireless network for self-driving cars and other innovations. (twoKim /

Daegu is poised for a high-tech makeover.

Catherine Shu reports for TechCrunch that South Korea’s fourth largest city is its first to be tethered to the so-called “Internet of Things”. New long-range wireless technology would enable the city to deploy a range of innovations, including self-driving cars and sensor-equipped street lights that dim or brighten automatically.

The city of more than 2.5 million joins Amsterdam, which launched a similar wireless network last August, the article says. Daegu‘s upgrade is part of a national effort to to invest 100 billion won (US$85 million) in autonomous vehicles and other new technologies by 2024, TechCrunch notes.

The “long-range wide-area network” set for Daegu would accommodate many other urban innovations, Shu reports. These include cleaner and more efficient forms of energy and data analytics that can shape the provision of healthcare and other services. Samsung and SK Telecom, both headquartered in Seoul, are constructing what they describe as the world’s first nationwide “Internet of Things” network. 


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