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Chennai app makes it easy to find new ‘e-toilets’

A new smartphone app helps residents in Chennai find new self-cleaning toilets located around the city. (Eram Scientific Solutions)

Finding a clean public restroom in a sprawling Indian city can be a huge challenge. Christin Mathew Philip reports for the Times of India that Chennai aims to simplify the process with a new smartphone app.

The app does more than help Chennaiites locate stalls. It also explains how to use coin-operated ”electronic toilets,” the new self-cleaning toilet structures rolling out across the city. The municipality teamed with Eram Scientific Solutions, based in the Indian state of Kerala, on the e-toilets, including the release of the app on Monday.

The vendor has installed 183 of the kiosks across the city, with 110 open so far, the newspaper says. K Anvar Sadath, the company’s CEO, was blunt about the goal of the public facilities and accompanying software. “The idea is to make e-toilets accessible for the people and also to stop open defecation,” he tells the Times of India. 

Times of India

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