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Cairo’s obsession with home delivery

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In Cairo, home delivery is cheap, ubiquitous and extends to just about anything. Nour Youssef reports for the New York Times that vendors will deliver a single espresso, slice of cake or pill to a front door.

The home delivery boom is fueled by a burgeoning middle class that increasingly prefers to dial in orders rather than brave the heat and traffic. The city also has an abundance of motorcycle couriers willing to labor for the equivalent of less than ten U. S. dollars a day, the article says.

With delivery charges usually under a dollar and few constraints on order size, home delivery has morphed into a regular habit for many residents. Even government agencies will deliver birth, death or marriage certificates to households, Youssef writes.

Some entrepreneurs are launching new apps and services designed to capture a larger share of the business. But there also is grumbling among drivers about unappreciative customers who take the personalized attention for granted. 

New York Times

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