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America’s largest urban nature park germinates in Dallas

The Trinity River Corridor in Dallas is on its way to becoming the largest urban nature park in the U.S. (dnaveh /

Dallas, a city synonymous with urban sprawl and freeways, is set to be transformed into one of America’s greenest urban environments.

Stephen Smith reports for the Dallas News that the nation’s largest urban nature park is taking shape in the city, the third most populous in the state of Texas. When complete, it would exceed the size of New York’s famed Central Park.

The green space will be located in an expansive watershed known as the Trinity River Corridor, the article says. Smith explains that three separate projects along the corridor would together create the vast nature reserve. Among the highlights are an Audubon Center that teaches environmental science to children. There’s also a rodeo arena for equestrian events and bike and walking trails. Several lakes were created with help from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Smith is board chair of the Trinity Recreation Conservancy, a non-profit that wants the city to package disparate conservation efforts together as America’s largest urban nature park. “What is missing thus far is a recognition by the city of how these projects are connected,” he writes. 

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