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A student village in Israel is built from shipping containers

Housing for 300 college students In Sderot, Israel, was built out of shipping containers. In return for housing, students must give 10 hours of their time per week to volunteer in the local community. (Edi Israel/Israel Sun /Landov)

In the southern Israeli city of Sderot, an acute shortage of affordable housing has been solved thanks to shipping containers. Christine Walsh reports for Jetson Green, a website about eco-friendly building design, that students — many with no prior construction experience — converted containers into multistory housing.

The village was assembled by 1,000 students and other volunteers with guidance from Ayalim, the nation’s largest youth organization, the article says. Thirty-six shipping containers were used to design 150 apartments stacked three stories high. The units were fitted with large windows and equipped with bathrooms, kitchens and living space.

“The main aim of this project was to get young people to stay in the village even after they finish their studies,” Walsh writes. “Apparently the biggest obstacle for people settling and studying in this region of the country is lack of affordable housing.” Johannesburg pursued a similar strategy to create inexpensive student housing. 

Jetson Green

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