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Sprawling Dhaka: one megacity with two mayors

The division of Dhaka into “north” and “south” means two mayors now share the responsibility of governing this impoverished megacity. (Dmitry Chulov/

Faced with seemingly insurmountable poverty, congestion and pollution, governing Dhaka is no easy task. So why not split the job in two?

Shakhawat Liton and Rashidul Hasan report for The Daily Star that Dhaka has been divided so it can be governed by two mayors.

Incumbent Mayor Sadeque Hossain Khoka was forced to step aside under the municipal realignment, the newspaper reports. He was replaced by Dhaka North Mayor Annisul Huq and Dhaka South Mayor Sayeed Khokon, according to this Daily Star article.

The apparent goal is to make this sprawling, flood-prone metropolis known for its colorful rickshaws and vast slums easier to administer. The two newly elected mayors have vowed to clean up the city over the next year through improvements to waste management, the newspaper reports. That effort would include the removal and trash and other debris from lakes and city parks. They also pledged to repair roads and reduce traffic snarls.  

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