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Smog-ridden Beijing to boost vehicle-emissions standard

Pedestrians walk near a tree during an extremely polluted night as hazardous, choking smog continues to blanket Beijing on December 1, 2015. (KIM KYUNG-HOON/Reuters /Landov)

Amidst a dangerous smog wave that has been hitting Beijing in recent days, the city government has begun soliciting public feedback on its plan to introduce what it says would be the world’s strictest emissions standard for vehicles. reports that the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau will introduce the new standard two years from now, on December 1, 2017. “The bureau estimates that pollutants emitted by vehicles will be cut by as much as 30 percent by 2022,” the article says.

The emissions reductions cannot come soon enough for weary Beijingers. Authorities are urging them to remain indoors due to thick smog from nearby coal factories, the AP reports. Despite repeated efforts by China to clean the air in the capital and other cities, pollution remains hazardous. Levels of poisonous fine particulate matter, or PM2.5, in Beijing were recorded at 391 micrograms per cubic meter, the wire service says. The World Health Organization considers 25 micrograms per cubic meter to be safe.


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